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The brand is owned by:
Dawtona Sp. z o.o
General score:
4.5 / 7
Social responsibility
4 / 7
Score table
1 / 2
Processing methods
1.5 / 2
Environmental management
1 / 1
0.5 / 1
Carbon footprint
0.5 / 1
Labour standards
3 / 4
Social economy
0.5 / 2
0.5 / 1
Dawtona is a Polish manufacturer of food products such as: ketchups, tomato sauces, tomato juices as well as concentrates and purees. The vast majority of products have a simple composition and do not contain food additives such as preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers or stabilizers. Vegetables and fruits come from Polish fields. The production complies with international standards, such as ISO, IFC, HAACP or Kosher. The products are packed mainly in glass jars or glass bottles, as well as metal cans, plastic bottles or cartons. Every year, the Dawtona supports the WOŚP foundation.
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