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The brand is owned by:
Zakwasownia Bator Sp. J
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7 / 7
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6.5 / 7
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2 / 2
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Zakwasownia is a family-owned manufactory, producing healthy and organic food since 2017. The company was founded among family and friends, out of the need for health and love of nature. Zakwasownia started by producing sourdough at home and selling it at one of Gdansk's organic food bazaars. Today, the Zakwasownia project includes the production of wholesome fermented food, sales in our own stores and online, running a cafe in Gdansk, and the operation of the Sensitivity Station Foundation, which provides psychological care to people with cancer experience. 
In the Sourdough offer you will find: 
live, unpasteurized sourdough from organic beets and other vegetables, rich in probiotic bacteria, kimchi - a brilliant Korean pickle in a variety of flavors, kombuche - delicious fermented tea-based drinks with probiotic and cleansing properties, pickles made from organic, seasonal vegetables, unpasteurized, functional shots based on freshly pressed juices from fruits and roots oxymele - original macerates based on herbs and our apple cider vinegar, containing plants with natural antibiotic properties in their composition Lenten dishes certified by the Institute of Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska, a variety of plant-based dishes for the whole family.
Zakwasownia is driven by passion, ecology and knowledge. The brand's owners, Magdalena and Nicholas Bator, believe that proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and well-being.  They focus on plant-based solutions and, above all, quality. Their raw materials are 100% organic. The souring house is V-Label certified and certified by the Institute for Health Promotion.
In 2022, the brand launched the "Do Yourself Well" social campaign, with brands such as Your Kaya, Please Health, Purnama Rituals, Plantule and others.
Fot. Zakwasownia
Where to buy?
Online shopping
Stationary shops
Zakwasownia - sklep firmowy Garnizon Gdańsk
ul. ul. Norwida 2
80-280 Gdańsk

Zakwasownia - sklep firmowy Hala Miejska Gdynia
ul. ul. Wójta Radtkego 36/40 box 208
81-355 Gdynia

Zakwasownia - sklep w Toruniu
ul. ul. Szosa Chełmińska 175A/lokal 5
87-100 Toruń

Zakwasownia - sklep firmowy Szczecin
ul. ul. Reymonta 3 Rynek Pogodno / BOX 23
70-651 Szczecin

Zakwasownia - sklep firmowy Szczecin - Wilcza
ul. Centrum Handlowe, Przyjaciół Żołnierza 4, Wilcza box 23
71-682 Szczecin

Zakwasownia - sklep firmowy DH Renoma Wrocław
ul. ul. Świdnicka 40
50-024 Wrocław

Zakwasownia - sklep firmowy Żoliborz
ul. Ludwika Rydygiera 12
01-793 Warszawa

Zakwasownia - BioBazar Fabryka Norblina
ul. Żelazna 51/53
00-841 Warszawa

Zakwasownia - sklep Stary Browar
ul. Półwiejska 42
61-888 Poznań

Zakwasownia sklep firmowy Białystok
ul. ul. Mickiewicza 39 U2 od, Augustowska
15-213 Białystok

Zakwasownia - Kraków
ul. Stefana Batorego 6A
31-135 Kraków
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