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Kaszarnia Kamienne
The brand is owned by:
Renata Korn
General score:
4.5 / 7
Social responsibility
6 / 7
Score table
1 / 2
Processing methods
2 / 2
Environmental management
0.5 / 1
0 / 1
Carbon footprint
1 / 1
Labour standards
4 / 4
Social economy
1 / 2
1 / 1
Kaszarnia is an ecological farm. The owners grow buckwheat, hemp and vegetables; they recreate an orchard with old varieties of fruit trees and bushes. They collect wild herbs and gifts of the forest, and their cuisine is dominated by simplicity and local products. They use only traditional, natural methods of plant cultivation and do not use chemicals. They are inspired by permaculture and biodynamic gardening. The offer includes: vegetables, fruits and their preserves, buckwheat groats and flour, herbal teas, sourdough breads, cheeses made of cow and goat milk, eggs.
Where to buy?
Stationary shops
Odbiór osobisty, wysyłka, dowóz w promieniu 100 km
od Kwieciszowic
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