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Dary Natury
The brand is owned by:
Dary Natury Mirosław Angielczyk
General score:
6 / 7
Social responsibility
5.5 / 7
Score table
1.5 / 2
Processing methods
2 / 2
Environmental management
1 / 1
0.5 / 1
Carbon footprint
1 / 1
Labour standards
4 / 4
Social economy
0.5 / 2
1 / 1
Dary Natury is a company that produces spices, herbs and herbal blends. The company offers, among others: xylitol (birch sugar), Jerusalem artichoke flour, oils, cereal coffees. The ingredients of most of the products come from Poland, most of them are also ecological. The company is also engaged in promoting herbal knowledge. Dary Natury has its sister company "Ziołowy Zakątek" agrotourism farm, which is also the "Center of Nature Education".
Where to buy?
Stationary shops
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