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The brand is owned by:
LIMIT_LESS Paweł Pociask
General score:
6 / 7
Social responsibility
5 / 7
Score table
1.5 / 2
Processing methods
2 / 2
Environmental management
0.5 / 1
1 / 1
Carbon footprint
1 / 1
Labour standards
2 / 4
Social economy
2 / 2
1 / 1
LIMITLESS is a new way to think about fashion within a sustainable economy. Thus all bags and accessories are handmade of leather or Eco leather collected from shoe and apparel factories. Meaning each piece is treated individually making each product unique. LIMITLESS is characterized by simple and timeless design which aims to complement a variety of outfits and to reduce the need for purchasing new trends. In the production process the company engages women and men over 50 who have lost their jobs due to the digitization and automation at their previous companies. Also LIMITLESS encourages every woman to be herself to be simple beautiful and ambitious to be in harmony with nature LIMITLESS is a sustainable choice between fashion functionality and fair production
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