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Top Secret
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1.5 / 7
Social responsibility
1 / 7
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0.5 / 2
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Labour standards
1 / 4
Social economy
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Top Secret is one of the famous chain brands. The stores are located in over 160 locations throughout Poland. Top Secret is making a slight and very slow shift towards more sustainable fashion. On his website, he writes that: he introduces ecological materials, including recycled ones, and gradually increases their share in seasonal collections. Unfortunately, it does not specify the percentage of the total production. Products from previous collections are given a "new" life by adding these products to the latest collections. The brand is phasing out single-use plastic shopping bags, replacing them with paper ones. And in the near future, it wants to switch to ecological methods of providing information to the customer through electronic receipts, electronic forms for returns and product complaints. Unfortunately, the company does not inform on its website where it produces clothes, what are the working conditions of people directly employed, as well as about working conditions in subcontractor factories.
Fot. Robson90, Shutterstock
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