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Calzedonia SpA
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Calzedonia is an Italian brand that produces mainly underwear and tights, but not only, because the offer also includes clothing and accessories. The main raw materials used by the Calzedonia Group are synthetic fabrics. By 2022, the percentage of natural fibers used in production was about 39%. About 17% of all products are made from less environmentally harmful raw materials, such as: Q Nova yarn and recycled polyester certified by the Global Recycle Standard, as well as Lenzing tencel made from FSC-certified cellulose. In 2019, Calzedonia joined the so-called "Fashion Pact", which aims to minimize the environmental damage caused by the clothing industry. However, it is quite a declarative pact. Nevertheless, 60% of the energy the company used in 2021 came from renewable sources. By 2025, 75% of paper packaging will be FSC certified. Calzedonia employs approximately 38,000 employees worldwide. It has its own factories, including 7 factories in Italy, 11 in other European countries, 5 in Asia and 3 in Africa, thanks to which it is easier to control the entire production process and employment conditions. As much as 82% of the company's assortment comes from its own factories. In 2021, the company allowed its customers to virtually "tour" its factories, including in the specifications of products sold online information in which factory they were produced and by whom. In 1999, the company founded the San Zeono Foundation, which aims to support educational and equal opportunities projects in Italy and other countries of the world.
Fot.: OleksSH, Shutterstock, Alexandros Michailidis, Shutterstock
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