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CCC is a Polish footwear company known throughout Europe. The group has about 90 e-commerce platforms and about 1,000 stores in 28 countries under the following brands: CCC,, Modivo and DeeZee. The main factory producing footwear is located in Polkowice. The offer includes, among others: shoes, handbags and accessories. In its collection, the company has a line of "Go for Nature" products that are produced in a more responsible way, using recycled or LWG-certified raw materials. However, this is a small percentage of products compared to all collections (in 2021, only 21% of leather comes from LWG certified tanneries). In high-risk countries (mainly in India and Bangladesh), the CCC Group has its representatives who supervise factories, control the quality and safety of products, and verify whether production and employment conditions are carried out in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the CCC Group. However, there is a lack of more precise information about the audit organizations and how the checks are carried out. From 2021, plastic bags were withdrawn from CCC stores and online sales. Only recycled bags and packaging are used. Paper bags and e-commerce packaging are FSC certified. A working group of CCC employees from various areas of activity was established to develop maximum energy efficiency. As part of the "Green CCChallenge" project, cyclical measurements of energy consumption, identification of waste areas and their gradual elimination are planned. The CCC Group supports i.a. UNICEF and established cooperation with WoshWosh.
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