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Wojas S.A. is one of the largest Polish footwear manufacturers with a network of nearly 150 showrooms in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus. Wojas produces several hundred thousand pairs of footwear every year. The offer includes: leather footwear for men and women, youth models and trekking shoes. The offer is complemented by leather goods: handbags, briefcases and belts. Wojas has a line of more sustainable shoes, made from bamboo, natural latex, recycled rubber or agave sisal. However, this is a very small percentage of total production. Part of the production is for export and for special services - for several years, Wojas has been supplying specialized footwear for the army, firefighters, border guards, the Polish postal service, forestry and transport services. Wojas employs more than 1,000 people throughout Poland. Unfortunately, the company does not inform on its website about the working conditions of people employed in production plants, as well as about the conditions of cooperation with material suppliers. Products are packaged in paper cartons and all necessary documents are sent via email instead of the traditional printed order forms included with shipping. Wojas decided to join the "fur-free stores" program, thus committing not to use natural animal fur in its collections. Wojas brand is actively involved in various social and charitable actions, such as: "Bieg po nowe życie", sponsors local sports events, financially supports associations and foundations, such as Anna Dymna's foundation "Mimo Wszystko". 
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