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soleRebels is an Ethiopian company from Addis Ababa which has been present for many years on the European market. The entire production process and materials are made in Ethiopia. It started with recycled tires, inner tubes used for shoe sole and traditionally loomed materials and now also uses other indigenous and recycled materials like Ethiopian hemps, hand spun organic cotton, artisan loomed fabrics, and footwear embellishments. Other materials used include Abyssinian leather, organic jute and Koba plant fibre. The company is accredited by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) which means that the entire company is certified as following Fair Trade principles such as opportunities for disadvantaged producers, no child labour and no forced labour, no discrimination, respect for the environment. soleRebels elaborates that it is crucial for their model to source all their materials locally. On one hand, it reduces carbon footprint, and on the other hand it supports local market of artisans and recycling traditions present in the country.
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