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The brand is owned by:
Pachacuti Ltd
General score:
5 / 7
Social responsibility
6.5 / 7
Score table
1.5 / 2
Processing methods
2 / 2
Environmental management
0.5 / 1
1 / 1
Carbon footprint
0 / 1
Labour standards
4 / 4
Social economy
1.5 / 2
1 / 1
Pachacuti is the only Fair Trade Panama hat specialist worldwide. With a Pachacuti panama, the women carry out the entire production process from weaving to finishing and thus retain far more of the final value of the hat. The classic panama hat epitomises the idea of slow fashion. Panamas are made from native toquilla palm, which is harvested sustainably along the coast of Ecuador and transported to town by donkey. The entire making processing uses no harmful chemicals. When a Panama finally reaches the end of its life after many years of wear, it can be put on the compost heap. Pachacuti means world upside-down in the Quechua language and describes the company's endeavour to redress the inequalities in the global fashion industry through demonstrating that it is possible to run a successful clothing business which benefits the producers and is environmentally sustainable.
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