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Sodasan is a German manufacturer of natural cleaning products. The brand offers products such as washing powders and softeners, natural dishwashing powder, hand and surface care products, fragrances and room fresheners created from natural essential oils. The cleaning products can be used by vegetarians and vegans. The Sodasan brand is certified "NCP - Nature Care Product", which means that the products contain only raw materials of natural or plant origin and are completely free of microplastics, GMOs, enzymes, dyes, synthetic fragrances or petrochemical ingredients, and synthetic surfactants. In addition to cleaning products, the brand also offers cosmetics for face, body and hair. Most of the cosmetics are certified Cosmos Organic. In addition, the manufacturer, together with the German climate association PRIMAKLIMA is involved in reforestation projects so that all energy demand is climate-neutral. Sodasan has given up nuclear power completely and obtains its electricity from Greenpeace Energy. Most of the packaging is recyclable, the brand uses also the refillable packaging so you can take home your own "refill station". With each refill you save about 90% of plastic. 
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