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Bio Spectra
General score:
6 / 7
Social responsibility
3.5 / 7
Score table
1 / 2
Processing methods
2 / 2
Environmental management
1 / 1
1 / 1
Carbon footprint
1 / 1
Labour standards
2.5 / 4
Social economy
0.5 / 2
0.5 / 1
Attitude is a Canadian brand of eco-friendly cleaning products. All the products are labelled with a moderately demanding North American certificate, Ecologo (its criteria are similar to the European Ecolabel). The detergents mostly consist of plant-based cleaning substances and contain no phosphates, phosphonates, petroleum-derived substances, optical bleaches, halogen elements or silicones. The founders of Attitude are very climate-conscious and for a few years now, their products have been entirely neutral with respect to carbon dioxide emissions. This has been achieved by gradually reducing energy consumption and compensating for the remaining emissions by planting trees. The packaging is produced at Attitude’s manufacturing plant and made of recycled plastic, with some of it being made out of damaged new containers. The brand’s ambitious goal is to sell unpackaged detergents, i.e. allow customers to refill their own containers/bottles on site. Moreover, Attitude has adopted a non-discriminatory employment policy: there are disabled people working at the company. The brand’s offer includes a variety of surface cleaners, laundry products and dishwashing products.
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