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Wood & Paper
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Botak Projekt Agata Kondracka
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4.5 / 7
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5 / 7
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1 / 2
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1.5 / 2
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0.5 / 1
0.5 / 1
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1 / 1
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4 / 4
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1 / 1
Wood & Paper is a Polish family-owned company that produces high-quality furniture. The products are mainly made of oak or ash wood. For each product, there is detailed information on which parts, specifically what type of wood they are made of. Manufacturers use traditional carpentry techniques, all products are made by hand. The products themselves are drawn and designed in the home of the owners, in Wroclaw, and the finished products are shipped from the Woodworks in Krzyzanowice near Wroclaw. The company uses polyurethane paints for furniture finishing, which contain toxic substances. After their use, the furniture is stored in the warehouse and released for distribution, only when the manufacturer is sure that the furniture is completely safe and that its coating does not emit any harmful substances.The team consists of three people: Zenon (production manager), Magda (designer) and Agata (responsible for customer service). In addition to furniture products, the brand produces stationery, mainly notebooks with floral prints. The notebooks are hand-stitched and made of corn paper. 
Fot. Wood & Paper
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