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Black Red White
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3 / 7
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3 / 7
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3 / 4
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Black Red White is a Polish manufacturer of furniture and home furnishings. Its offer includes room and kitchen furniture, cabinet, upholstered furniture, mattresses, tables, chairs or customized furniture. The furniture is made of particle board, MDF cellulose board, cellular board and solid wood. High quality is confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate awarded to the company. The brand sells in more than 70 showrooms and partner outlets in Poland, and its products can be found in about 55 countries, mainly in Europe. A pro-environmental management system is implemented at all production sites. Materials, components and technological processes are analyzed and evaluated. One of the most modern combined heat and power plants operates in Bilgoraj, which processes selected waste into heat and electricity. Thanks to this solution, the production workshop is partially self-sufficient, and energy surpluses are sold to external entities
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