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FORTE is a family-owned furniture company with a long tradition. The brand strives to introduce measures aimed at a circular economy. Since 2020, the particleboard factory has been using recycled raw materials, or more precisely, wood waste from furniture manufacturing processes or damaged pallets or sawmill waste, to produce the board. The brand is at the stage of developing its technology so that in the future it will use wood-based materials, such as old furniture, for production. The packaging has reduced the use of polystyrene foam by about 17%. The brand uses wood from sustainable FSC-certified areas for its products. In addition, the particleboard factory has been CARB II certified since 2018 (it certifies compliance of formaldehyde emissions with strict CARB II standards).  In addition, the company has implemented the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems. In order to develop and train its employees, FORTE opened the "FORTE" academy, which includes periodic development programs for male and female employees. The brand supports social activities, they offer scholarship programs for children from smaller towns, run programs in environmental education, cooperate with universities and schools offering internships and apprenticeships, and support the University of the Third Age. It also established the employee volunteer program within which employees can apply for financial or non-financial assistance to implement their own projects that support the local community.
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