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Laboratoire Argiletz SA
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5 / 7
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4 / 7
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2 / 2
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3 / 4
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For over 50 years now, the French brand Argiletz has been specializing in producing natural clay-based cosmetics. According to the manufacturer, clays, rich in minerals and oligo-elements, have a great effect on the skin: cleansing, removing excessive sebum, revitalizing and conditioning. Although the clays are not certified, they are wholly natural, sun-dried ingredients. The clay is mined in France and comes in a variety of colours, depending on the prevalent mineral ingredients. Apart from clays, Argiletz also has a line of organic cosmetics certified with the demanding Cosmebio certificate, containing plant substances from controlled organic farming. The packaging is made of PVC-free plastic and of cardboard, and the printing is done with plant-based paints. Besides powdered clays that are to be combined with water and applied to your face or body for 10 minutes, the offer includes toothpastes, shampoos, creams, lotions and even chewing gum!
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