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The Humble Co.
The brand is owned by:
Humble Group
General score:
4 / 7
Social responsibility
4 / 7
Score table
1 / 2
Processing methods
2 / 2
Environmental management
0 / 1
0.5 / 1
Carbon footprint
0.5 / 1
Labour standards
2.5 / 4
Social economy
1 / 2
0.5 / 1
The Humble Co. is a Swedish company that manufactures oral care products, including toothpaste, chewing gum and dental floss. All products are designed and manufactured under the supervision of dentists. Toothbrushes and dental floss are made of BPA-free Nylon-6. The toothbrushes are made in China, the toothpastes are made in Portugal and the chewing gums are made in Italy. Toothbrush handles are made of bamboo. The same goes for ear buds, which additionally consist of cotton. Dental floss is made primarily from cornstarch. Some of the products are compostable. Packaging is recyclable. The Humble Co. helps local communities in 49 countries around the world to care for oral hygiene by donating their products as well as financial resources, e.g. for the renovation of dental clinics.
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