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Shauska (pronounced Szauszka) was born on a fat Thursday at the table with huge, fragrant donuts with rose jam and icing, in one of Krakow's tenement houses. The idea behind the company was simple - handmade, natural cosmetics have always been the owners' passion. The first potions, herbal macerates, were made on the kitchen counter, from ingredients found in grandma's cupboards, refrigerator and home garden. Currently, Shauska offers Ayurvedic cosmetics, with the addition of exotic herbs, oils and other unique ingredients, imported from all over the world. Everything is made by hand and packed in biodegradable packaging, made of plant materials or glass. To secure parcels in transport, the company uses materials made of natural resources such as paper, wood wool or used packaging giving them a new life. The offer includes, among others: bar shampoos, hair conditioners, toothpaste in a jar, perfume in a wooden box, natural combs, biodegradable corn fiber tooth floss or a bamboo toothbrush.
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