About Good Shopping Guide

Good Shopping is the first online consumer guide in Poland with a ranking of the most eco-friendly and socially responsible brands. It is a handy “cheat sheet” to help you choose from the maze of global and local brands and select the ones that are serious about the issue of environmental protection and responsibility towards employees and consumers.
The brands included in the Good Shopping guide have been vetted by us in two basic categories: environmental impact and social responsibility. The first category concerns environmental impact of (1) raw materials used, (2) production technology, (3) environmental management, (4) packaging used and (5) carbon footprint. The social responsibility category covers three areas: (1) labour standards throughout the supply chain, (2) social economy and (3) transparency. In each subcategory, brands are awarded a certain number of points which are then added up to get two final grades: in the area of environmental impact and social responsibility. In each of the areas a maximum of 7 points can be obtained.
If you enter the page of a given brand, you can have a look at the brand’s detailed results in all the subcategories. We hope our consumer guide will make it easier for you to solve your shopping dilemmas.